Ready to change your relationship with alcohol in 2023?

Learn how to STOP constantly thinking about alcohol, STOP relying on willpower and self control and effortlessly START moving towards the freedom you deserve and desire. 

February 6-10th | Starting at 9p ET (6p PT)

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What is the Live More. Drink Less. 5-Day Masterclass?

Wondering why you even like to drink when it is causing so much trouble?

Wondering why drinking sometimes sounds like a great idea, no big deal? And why, at other times, drinking can feel like one of the worst mistakes you are making with your life? 
Why are there two options in your head?
Option 1
Keep drinking and endure the pain (hangovers, shame, guilt, regret)
Option 2
Stop drinking and endure the pain (deprivation, feeling left out, anxiety, never having any fun)
Your internal battle rages on… and no matter how many times you turn the issue over in your head you have the same conclusion… both options are terrible. 

But the Live More. Drink Less. 5-Day Masterclass was created to show you another way.

I’ve got the support, tools and strategies you need to reprogram your subconscious beliefs so that you can begin to get back in control of your drinking! Whether you want to cut back, moderate or cut out alcohol completely, Option 3 was created to put you back in control by completely removing your desire to drink. Through radical education and enlightenment based on the most recent studies across psychology and neuroscience, you are able to forever change your relationship – without pain, without willpower, without rules, and without missing out.


Why You’re Not Broken
Understand what it is about alcohol that changes the way we drink
The Key To Lasting Change
There’s a reason nothing has worked before and it has nothing to do with you
The Right Questions
What to STOP asking yourself and what to ask yourself instead
Mindset Shifts
The magic in going from thinking you can never drink again to knowing you never have to drink again
A Mental Magic Trick
How the Liminal Process can reprogram your subconscious
How to Break All The Rules
The difference between setting rules and creating boundaries and why it changes everything about your relationship with alcohol
Live More
Understand how choosing self-compassion frees you to live and love more
Drink Less
How you can start drinking less without changing your drinking at all
Get Your ACT Together
The revolutionary technique that changes your entire belief system

You’ll Also Get Access to A Private Facebook Group

This Naked Mind Community is more than just another online group. It’s a community of strong, like-minded people who support each other with grace and compassion on their journey to finding freedom. When you enroll today, you’ll gain access to a Private Facebook Group where you’ll connect with others just like you who are also beginning their journey! You will also be able to connect with our TNM Coaches and Guides who serve as your lifeline of accountability and support!


DAILY Training:
Tune in for five days of in-depth content designed to show you how to take back control of your drinking. The trainings will be about 1-hour each day and replays will be available for a limited time!
A Powerful Community:
Enjoy the most engaged, positive, and encouraging community on the planet in our private Facebook group! With unmatched grace, we support each other to move in the direction of the life we desire. 
Lifeline of Support:
Your TNM Coaches and Mentors are your lifeline of accountability, and support. Each one is trained (and has a heart) to be your ‘plus one’ on the road to success.
DAILY Reflections Homework:
Dig deep into your personal ah-has, insights, thoughts, and reminders when you complete our daily reflections homework to help you succeed AND enjoy the journey!
Giveaways & Prizes:
We LOVE giving away as much FREE as we can! In fact, we’re giving away several items in the private group BEFORE we even start! So get in there and win some fun prizes!

February 6-10th | Starting at 9p ET (6p PT)


Meet Your New Mentor: Annie Grace

At 26, Annie Grace was the youngest Vice President in a multinational company’s history, and her drinking career began in earnest; by 35, she was in a global C-level marketing role, responsible for 28 countries. Drinking close to two bottles of wine a night became a ritual. Annie Grace’s professional success came at a personal price she no longer wanted to pay. She knew alcohol was no longer serving her. Yet, she didn’t want to suffer through life in a daily battle for sobriety, feeling deprived and constantly trying to avoid temptation.

Annie Grace, author and founder of This Naked Mind, revamped her own relationship with alcohol — she stripped it of its power and changed her beliefs about booze being a reward — and today she helps millions of others across the globe do the same. Her approach helps people where rehabs have not. She’s created a brand new, revolutionary way to look at the role of alcohol in our lives, establishing a safe space for those who question their drinking but haven’t self-diagnosed as alcoholics stuck in denial of an incurable disease. Annie Grace preaches compassion, knowing its power over shame and blame is the best way to achieve lasting change. Annie Grace doesn’t teach people how to be sober; she helps them quash their desire to drink in the first place.


Do you have questions? We have answers.

What if I want to remain anonymous?
This virtual event will take place inside a private Facebook Group and Zoom where the only other people in the group will be on the exact same journey as you are! 
Is there a cost for this event?
No! This is a FREE 5-day masterclass with a ton of value that I want to provide to help you get where you want to be. At the end of the five days, we will give you the opportunity to learn more about how you can continue to work with us!
If I already stopped drinking, is this event for me?
This free masterclass is geared towards anyone who is not in control of their drinking and wants to get back in control. With that being said, we’ll be examining limiting beliefs around alcohol. If that sounds like something you could benefit from, please join us!
If I sign up for this event, can I do it on my own time?
This masterclass is a live experience! All the the training sessions will be recorded and available to rewatch in the private Facebook group for a limited time until the masterclass has concluded. While you can watch the replays on your own time, we recommend showing up LIVE to make the most of this masterclass.

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